Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Since 1980, Logan Electronics has been a sub-contract supplier of miniature coil windings to a wide selection of customers and industries. We provide a range of services in the manufacture and test of electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-systems. We build and test specialist choke coils, aircraft antenna and other defence standard assemblies.

We work from technical drawings supplied to us to manufacture and test sub-assemblies to your requirements.  We can accommodate prototype builds and test as well as production runs on-site. Our highly skilled and IPC trained workforce is led by a dedicated management team, with years of experience in the sub-contract electronics industry. Much of what we do is bespoke, and we work closely with our customers to understand their needs.

If you require design services, we are able to offer a range of electronic sub-system design and prototyping through our sister companies, including analog/digital electronics circuit design, sensors, firmware and software (to TICKITplus® standards).

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Coil winding

We have facilities for winding miniature coils using bobbins, stacks or formers, free standing chokes and transmitter coils formed from ECW and TCW.

  • Customised wound components
  • Manufacture to drawing
  • Miniature coil windings
  • Winding with stepping
  • Chokes, inductors
  • Testing


We have considerable experience in the manufacture and test of RF antenna for both the security and aerospace industries.

Other sub-assemblies

We can support sub-assemblies which incorporate any of the following parts and functions:

  • Sensors and Transducers
  • Measurement
  • Liquid level monitoring
  • Pumps
  • LEDs
  • Additional mechanical parts and fixings
  • Potting

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  • Manufacture and Test
  • Sub-System Assembly
  • Antenna
  • Advice and Assistance
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Legacy Support

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Our highly skilled and well trained workforce is led by a dedicated management team, who have between them over thirty years’ experience in the sub-contract electronics industry.